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Insight: Snow and holiday decorations gets people into the spirit and creates a shift that produces happiness - attracting customers and increasing sales.

Idea: Taking our storefronts, swapping some of them for more popular seasonal shops (We researched and used the merchant locator to find where people get popular gifts: like chocolate shops, clothing stores, etc.) and adding a little holiday twist to them with falling snow and decorations.

Art Director: Isaiah Lim // Copywriter: Adrianna Casuga

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Through Shop Small®, the Amex community comes together to support the everyday small businesses we can't live without.  

Our objective was to drive awareness of this campaign through our cardholders and in-branch engagement.

This video was part of our original campaign, prior to the seasonal overlay.

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Insight: Many people believe giving and receiving gift baskets are the most universally enjoyed gifts.

Idea: Filling a gift basket with popular items pulled from local shops (We researched and used the merchant locator to find popular items: chocolates, candles, clothing and accessories, jams and sauces, mugs, and other drinkware etc.)

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